What Nicole's Done

Nicole adams

Coming from a small town, I believe I was always destined to open doors and experience the world in a much broader capacity. While studying at The University of Canterbury I got a taste of what a city has to offer while simultaneously falling in love with marketing - it was my own personal, Oprah-style "Aha!" moment.

With one & a half suitcases and a massive leap of faith, I moved to Auckland. I began immersing myself in the city, my career and the digital marketing industry - it was from there that I met a series of life-changing people and experienced some truly life-changing moments.

As I journey through my twenties, I am living up to the cliché and learning to be at one with myself and the world. I'm doing me, and attempting to document my trek - if you're keen on a good Kanye-based anecdote or unfortunately dry humour, you're in luck. 





Marketing is my jam. Digital marketing is my marmalade.

I have a strong passion for identifying the trends and gaps in the NZ industry for what I do, and making a conscious effort to be a driver of change. Digital marketing can be difficult, it can certainly be confusing, and it can well and truly blow your mind - sometimes not in the good way (like, trying to figure out why Facebook changes their layout every other day). Social platforms and online consumer behaviours are basically two automatic tennis ball machines with a never ending supply of curveballs. But, that's why I dig it. 

With experience in and a love for both social media marketing and influencer marketing, I access my knowledge and passion to use online platforms as a direct method of shaping consumer views and ideas, helping to achieve the objectives of the brand - and I have fun while I'm doing it.