As far as skin goes, I didn't really win big in that lottery. I've had breakouts since I entered first form which has unwelcomely led to most likely a lifetime of hyper pigmentation and scarring. Throughout the trials and tribulations that is attempting every trick, treatment and terrifyingly-priced product under the sun, eight years later I'm able to say "yeah, I only get the odd breakout here and there". The phrase that I hated hearing from peers is now trickling off my tongue, and nothing has ever tasted sweeter.

I'm gripping onto my wooden desk as I write this, possibly unqualified as the remnants of my end-of-the-uni-year celebratory weekend are splayed across my chin - I did just manage to scrub the Galliano out of my hair and sew up a resulting hole in my Levi's. (A no-makeup week and a few clay masks, anyone?) Though, all in all, my face is seeing it's better part of the last decade.

I thought I'd found the cure a couple years back with the Dermalogica Medibac range, but that turned out to be a short-lived relief sold to me by an overzealous, new employee in a lab coat. Teenage years spent examining the aisles of my local Farmers, dabbling in a touch of everything as soon as the part-time job paychecks started rolling in - a bout with a Formula 10.0.6, alcohol rich formula didn't do me any favours and the famed St Ives apricot scrub saw my pores widen and refrain from closing for the succeeding three years. 

I had pretty much succumed to the mercy of my skin when a sample of Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions was handed my way. It seemed odd to begin with - I mean, it's a bar of soap. Though, after sitting on the claim for a couple of months, I'm pretty confident that this is the cleanser to end all cleansers. Morning and night, I wet one hand, lather it up with the underside of the soap and scrub off a layer of grime. My skin is noticeably clean, my pores become only visible by somewhat of a squint - and only if I double cleanse, in an attempt to rid memories of a preceding night, does my skin feel slightly taut.

The seldom spot seems to keep to itself along my jawline and be gone within a few days, albeit leaving a scar if it forms deep enough - which leaves me another troublesome problem to concur - but hey, I haven't regular breakouts - one door closing, another opening and all.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar, $35