I had never put too much worry into the matter of ageing. My family, as beautiful as my mother is with her instant gratification whenever I tell her she looks younger than her age, a true statement, unfortunately doesn't possess the luck in such a department. 

I'm almost certain I came out of the womb gracing a frown line, cynical from birth, and the perpendicular forehead crease just below my widow's peak emerged not so long after. Perhaps a result of an overly emotive face combined with an affection for eyebrow communication, a simple raise of the brows often indicating a positive response and used fitfully, possibly complementary, possibly substitutive for laughter.  

I wasn't raised in a family where skin care was ensured, in fact, of us all, I, the youngest, am possibly the sole enthusiast. I never heard the words 'don't do that, you'll get wrinkles' until indulging in an episode of the Kardashians, although the wind changing excuse wasn't as absent. That must be one of the greatest joys of a parent, talking in mythological idiocies and having your child fearfully obey - fine ma I'll stop poking out my tongue because I would rather live my life with the ability to have it remain inside my mouth.

My original, I'm not going to call it a wrinkle just yet, is the most prevalent, although it has seemed to have made a few friends throughout my twenty years - including two shallow lines to either side of my hairline and a secondary crease acting as it's shadow. Oh, and my brows have garnered themselves some dramatic lineage when raised.

I'm yet to achieve the stamp of smile lines simply because, well, I guess I don't smile enough - as I have learned from many a bus driver or passer by in the street with those ever so fruitful comments indicating so. 

So, here's the question I pose - should I take these face subsidiaries as a sign of character endearment or live in a predetermined fear of my 60 year old self? On one had, face corrugations indicate a life lived, acting as a visual, human synonym for the circular halos inside vegetation. While the other stipulates a life which possibly lacked the care of regimen. I'm aware of the more positive spin and which reasoning will be enthused, it's just, can I help the combination of the two? 

I guess, then, what this really is is an apology - an apology to my future self. I know you look older than you are because you were too stupid as a youth to care and too unlucky to be dealt such a fate, but it's not like you didn't see it coming, is it? I warned you, I wrote about it, I sat in the mirror pulling a string of embarrassing faces, internally laughing, knowing future me will hate present me. Live with it, m'dear.

Unless, of course, time travel has been invented - in that case, stop being an idiot and keep placid..